Bilateral and Multilateral Cooperation

The CMF promotes collaboration between supervisors at a global level in different fields.

Regarding training on regulation and supervision, officials of foreign regulators and students from different countries are welcome to the CMF for internships in such a way as to give them the opportunity to gain direct knowledge of the experience, regulation and current supervisory practices in our institution.

Furthermore, through cooperation among regulatory organizations of different jurisdictions, the CMF generates conditions for greater financial inclusion, for example, through the Pacific Alliance integration initiative.

MOU (Memorandum of Understanding)

Memoranda of Understanding (MOU) are agreements on cooperation and technical assistance, exchange of information and collaboration among regulators. Financial market supervisors sign these agreements in order to enforce their laws and regulatory provisions.

Agreements for the Exemption of Registration of Foreign Securities

According to the provisions of Law Nº 18,045 of the Securities Market, the General Rule Nº 352 of the CMF and the agreements signed with foreign regulators, the CMF has exempted from the obligation of enrollment in the Registry of Foreign Securities:

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