Mission, Vision, Objectives and Strategic Products


To contribute to the well-being of society by safeguarding the stability and transparency of the financial system, protecting its users, and facilitating the development of suitable services.


To be a technical, reliable and institution of excellence, with an integral view of the financial system and transparent towards society.


• Excellence: We like challenges, set ourselves demanding goals, and work with the best professionals, tools and technologies. We are always looking to improve what we do.

• Integrity: We act with probity, in an ethical and transparent way, and accountable for the tasks assigned to us. We work hard and persevere in what we do, seeking to generate relationships based on trust and confidence.

• Innovation: We proactively seek out new solutions to improve what we do. We keep up to date with technological advances and are aware of their potential application to our processes, as well as their impact on the development of the financial market.

• Commitment: We get involved in the organization's actions through responsible participation in the tasks and functions assigned to us. We always aim to fulfill our duties, regardless of any difficulties.

• Collaboration: We act in a spirit of cooperation, solidarity and co-responsibility in the tasks undertaken to achieve our shared objectives.

Strategic Objectives:

1) Outcomes Perspective
a. Financial system stability.
b. Transparency and customer protection.
c. Financial system development.

2) Customer Perspective
a. Supervised entities operating under a prudential and market conduct regulatory framework.
b. Transparency and customer protection.
c. Financial institutions and participants operating with adequate market conduct.
d. Effective sanctioning and deterrence of misconducts.
e. Improve customers' confidence and satisfaction with the financial system.
f. Strengthen the CMF's reputational capital.

3) Process Perspective
a. Establish a comprehensive and efficient regulatory process based on the best practices.
b. Contribute to the development of suitable legal framework.
c. Design and implement an integrated and prospective monitoring process.
d. Strengthening macro-prudential risk supervision capacities.
e. Set a process for monitoring and supervising conduct to increase transparency and efficiency in the securities market.
f. Establish an integrated and preventive behavior monitoring process to increase protection of financial customers.
g. Establish a sanctioning policy.
h. Strengthen capacities related to the sanctioning process.
i. Strengthen core information technologies.
j. Strengthen the capacity to carry out research and improve data management and its dissemination.
k. Integration and efficiency in institutional processes.
l. Efficient and effective planning and management.
m. Harmonization and optimization of HR policies and processes.
n. Education of financial system customers.

4) Personnel/Learning Perspective
a. Strengthen technical skills and develop talents within the organization.
b. Develop an integrated CMF identity and culture.

Code of Ethics

Code of Institutional Conduct and Quality of Life (Spanish)

Resolution n°2974 from 07/29/2016 approves the Code of Institutional Conduct and Quality of Life (Spanish)

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