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CMF reports on functioning of on-site banking services and branches throughout the Valparaíso Region

According to information submitted to the Commission by supervised banks and cooperatives, 1 percent of ATMs and 0.4 percent of BancoEstado's Caja Vecina branches were affected by the fires. No bank branches were compromised.

The CMF instructed financial institutions to strengthen their on-site and remote customer service channels to carry out inquiries and operations.

February 6, 2024 - Given the forest fires affecting the Valparaíso Region and the subsequent State of Catastrophe, the Financial Market Commission (CMF) reports on the functioning of bank and cooperative branches and on-site customer service throughout the Region.

Per information reported by supervised entities, none of the 164 bank branches nor 19 cooperative branches in the Valparaíso Region were compromised by the fires. Only 17 of BancoEstado's 3,870 Caja Vecina branches (0.4 percent) were affected, as well as 1 percent of 842 total ATMs. These stats do not consider access limitations to branches, ATMs, and Caja Vecina locations derived from the region-wide curfew imposed by authorities.

The CMF instructed supervised banks and cooperatives to promptly inform the public about the functioning of their branches; strengthen their remote customer service channels to carry out inquiries and operations; safeguard the availability of cash through coordination with institutions performing support services; and enforce measures to ensure adequate operation of ATMs.

As for supervised insurance companies, their on-site customer service operations have not been affected. The Commission also reminds the public about its Online Insurance Inquiry System, where interested parties can check here in real time and free of charge any insurance policies they have taken out with Chilean companies.

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