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CMF informs citizens how to find out about their insurance and that of their relatives, issues instructions to insurance companies

The CMF's Online Insurance Inquiry System allows people to consult in real time and free of charge about policies taken out with Chilean insurance companies.

In addition, the Commission also requesting information from insurance companies and instructing them to provide a timely response to policyholders and the public, as well as a prompt settlement and payment of claims.

February 5, 2024 - Given the forest fires affecting Central and Southern Chile, the Financial Market Commission (CMF) informs citizens about its Online Insurance Inquiry System. Interested parties can check here in real time and free of charge any insurance contracts taken out with Chilean companies.

By logging in with their Individual Password issued by the Civil Registry, they can access information on policyholders (as insured or contracting parties) and individuals who, in the event of the policyholder's death or declared incapacity, can prove legitimate interest in obtaining it.

When the person making the inquiry is the insured or holder of an insurance policy, information will be displayed immediately. If the inquiry is submitted by a person claiming legitimate interest, the SICS will request the necessary documentation to prove it. Once the CMF verifies said legitimate interest, the inquiring party will receive an email with instructions to review any insurance policies registered to the respective RUT (National ID number).

Additionally, the CMF reports that, as well as requiring information from insurance companies, it instructed them to adopt all necessary measures to ensure a timely response to policyholders and the public. Companies are required to strengthen their customer service channels and provide a prompt settlement and payment of claims. They shall also report insured amounts (exposure) in areas affected by fires; the amount of claims identified to date; and impact on operation of their offices and branches

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