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CMF announces results of its call for research projects

Selected proposals deal with topics such as credit risk assessment methodologies; behavior of the mortgage market; efficiency of the financial industry; public policies to support small- and medium-sized businesses; and operation of complementary health insurance.

February 2, 2024 - The Financial Market Commission (CMF) announces the results of its latest call for research projects to conduct joint studies on topics of interest to the Commission. Between November 22 and December 15, 2023 the CMF issued a public call to the academic community to submit joint project proposals. The Commission's Editorial Committee received 11 proposals and accepted five of them based on the relevance of the topic for the CMF, institutional priorities, and available resources.

The accepted projects are:

  • "Are Learning Language Models (LLMs) Good at Assessing Credit Risk? Application to Consumer Loans in Chile" by David Díaz (University of Chile).
  • "Determinants of Mortgage Market Behavior" by Kevin Cowan, Julio Riutort and Félix Villatoro (Adolfo Ibáñez University).
  • "Efficiency and Contagion in the Chilean Financial Industry" by Luis Chancí (Santo Tomás University).
  • "Impact Assessment of the Bono Alivio Mypes Program on Financial Stability of Businesses" by Pablo Egaña (Adolfo Ibáñez University), Verónica Alaimo (Interamerican Development Bank) and Miguel del Valle (Millennium Center of Evolution of Work).
  • "An Experimental Study Proposal: Data and Consumer Protection on Choosing Complementary Health Insurance" by Matías Muñoz (University of Zürich).

Projects and their authors must comply with the conditions and requirements detailed in Annex 1 of the CMF's Policy for Publishing Non-Regular Documents and Institutional Reports. They must include at least one internal researcher, and research agreements with external parties do not commit payments to the researcher nor will they have any kind of related costs. There is also a limit of two simultaneous projects per researcher.

The Commission's internal researchers who will participate in these projects are, respectively, Diego Beas (General Directorate of Prudential Regulation); Giovanni Huerta (General Directorate of Studies); Paulo Bobadilla (General Directorate of Studies); Sebastián Ramírez (General Directorate of Prudential Regulation); and Marjorie Arias (General Directorate of Market Conduct).

The CMF appreciates the interest shown in this call and invites interested parties to submit their work in future calls.

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