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CMF grants Certificate of Provisional Authorization to Tanner Banco Digital

This is the first of three steps TBD must complete to obtain its authorization to operate as a banking institution.

January 26, 2024 - After verifying compliance with requirements set forth in current rules and regulations, the Financial Market Commission (CMF) granted a Certificate of Provisional Authorization to Tanner Banco Digital (TBD) for its subsequent establishment as a banking institution.

Pursuant to Article 27 of the General Banking Act, the authorization process for a banking entity to operate consists of three stages:

  • Provisional Authorization
  • Existence Authorization
  • Operating Authorization

To obtain its Provisional Authorization, Tanner Servicios Financieros S.A. (TSFSA), the future parent company of the bank under establishment, submitted a prospectus to the CMF on August 10, 2023 alongside a business development plan for its first three years of operation. It also included background information attesting to the solvency and integrity of its founding shareholders. Subsequent submissions made until December 2023 further complemented said information.

The Provisional Authorization granted to TBD allows TSFSA to prepare its establishment as a bank. To obtain the corresponding Existence and Operating Authorizations, TSFSA must accredit before the Commission its compliance with legal and operational requirements allowing it to carry out its line of business.

This Request for Provisional Authorization submitted by TBD is the first to be submitted for consideration by the Board of the CMF since the Commission integrated with the former Superintendency of Banks and Financial Institutions in 2019.

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