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CMF suspends activities of Sociedad Asegúrate Corredores de Seguros SPA for six months

The measure intends to ensure the proper functioning of the insurance market and the protection of policyholders and the public after the company’s eventual participation in adulterating Compulsory Personal Accident Insurance certificates.

January 17, 2024 - The Board of the Financial Market Commission (CMF) suspended Sociedad Asegúrate Corredores de Seguros SPA for six months after becoming aware of the company's eventual intervention in adulterating certificates showing the contracting of Compulsory Personal Accident Insurance policies.

Per Exempt Resolution No. 641, the Board's decision is based on the facts it learned, which are serious and merit the adoption of urgent measures. To date, Asegúrate is not fulfilling the necessary conditions to carry out its line of business adequately, so the provisional suspension of its activities is necessary to protect policyholders and the public.

While the suspension remains in force, Asegúrate may not carry out insurance intermediation operations nor provide advisory services to parties wanting to take out insurance. Its obligations to assist parties insured through it prior to the issuance of Exempt Resolution No. 641 still stand.

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