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The CMF resolution, unanimously passed, approves the renewal of Andrés Montes as the Prosecutor of the Investigation Unit

December 21, 2023 - The Council of the Financial Market Commission unanimously resolved to renew Andrés Montes Cruz for a new term as Prosecutor of the Investigation Unit (UI) of the CMF for the next six years.

In accordance with the CMF law, the Investigation Unit is responsible for conducting the sanctioning procedure of the Commission. The UI is headed by a Prosecutor, selected through a public appointment process, and appointed by the Commission's Council for a term of six years, which the Council can renew for a consecutive period.

Prosecutor Andrés Montes assumed his position in January 2018, leading the installation and consolidation process of the Investigation Unit. In this regard, the CMF Council highlighted the excellent performance and professionalism of his management, along with the positive results achieved by the Prosecutor in his investigative processes.

Andrés Montes Cruz is a lawyer from the Diego Portales University and holds a master's in legal Institutions from the University of Wisconsin in the United States, as well as a postgraduate degree in Adversarial System and Criminal Justice from the Diego Portales University.

Before joining the CMF, he was the Head of the Central North Metropolitan Regional Prosecutor's Office of the Public Ministry, where he led investigations into economic crimes in cases of high complexity. Previously, he was a procurator lawyer for the Council of the State Defense (CDE) and a member of the Judicial Academy, where he served as Coordinator of the Training Program for positions as Minister and Prosecutor of the Court of Appeals; Secretary of the Board of Directors; and Coordinator of the Training Program for the Criminal Procedure Reform.

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