CMF awarded three achievement seals for progress in digital transformation

The Commission received the Zero Paper, Zero Queues and Digital Identity seals granted by the Ministry General Secretariat of the Presidency.

May 30, 2022 - Since March of this year, the Financial Market Commission (CMF) displays on its website three certification seals awarded by the Digital Government Division of the Ministry General Secretariat of the Presidency. These are Zero Paper, Zero Queues, and Digital Identity, which certify institutional achievements in three areas set in the 2019 Presidential Instructions for Digital Transformation.

Zero Paper aims to eliminate the use of paper in the public sector to modernize and increase the efficiency of State institutions. The CMF uses the DocDigital platform for official communications with other State Administration Bodies, as well as an internal Document Management System that handles and distributes documentation within the Commission.

Zero Queues has two objectives. First, the elimination of unnecessary errands and a progressive digitalization of all existing procedures. Second, a principle of interoperability based on not requiring information already held by State institutions. The CMF has made steady progress in digitalizing procedures available to both the public and supervised entities. It currently has 97.94 percent of its procedures digitalized and enrolled in the National Procedures Registry, and they can be carried out through the different platforms available on the Commission's website.

Finally, Digital Identity aims to use the Individual Password issued by the Civil Registry as an identification method for natural persons, replacing any other authentication system. The CMF has widely adopted the use of this Individual Password for procedures and services offered to the public.

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