CMF issues regulation simplifying enrollment in the Register of Account Inspectors and External Auditors

May 20, 2022 - After a public consultation process, the Financial Market Commission (CMF) issued today General Rule No. 477, which simplifies enrollment in the Register of Account Inspectors and External Auditors (RICAE, for its Spanish acronym).

To enroll in the RICAE, natural or legal persons must submit an application to the Commission fulfilling the instructions of General Rule No. 314. It must include an identification of the applicants; identification of their legal representatives (if applicable); an affidavit on the accuracy of such information; and activation of the corresponding Online Information Submission System user. Natural persons must also submit:

  • A birth certificate.
  • An academic certificate or license.
  • A background certificate.
  • An affidavit stating they are free managers of their assets and have no inabilities preventing their enrollment.

Legal persons must also submit:

  • Their corporate purpose.
  • A list of all individuals who will be entrusted with duties and performance of statutory or external auditors. Such individuals must be previously enrolled in the RICAE for the legal person to be registered.

General Rule No. 477 also states that any modification to the information submitted in enrollment applications, whether it occurs during or after the registration process, must be reported to the Commission.

Interested parties can access the Rules and Norms section of the CMF website to check the details of the new regulation. As well as the corresponding Regulatory Report, the CMF makes available a Presentation, an Informative Brochure, and a Frequently Asked Questions document with its key elements.

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