CMF to file charges against a series of entities offering loans on their websites for alleged fraud

  • Claiming to be supervised by the Commission, these eight entities request advance payments from individuals applying for a loan, who subsequently don't receive the agreed funds.
  • The Commission also alerts about an unregulated website.

April 12, 2022 - The Financial Market Commission alerts the public about a series of entities offering loans that are neither supervised by it nor registered in its rolls.

According to information gathered by the CMF's Investigation Unit, these entities offer loans through their websites while requesting advance payments from applicants, who subsequently don't receive the agreed funds. Said entities claim to be supervised by the Commission but are neither registered with it nor authorized to operate. Accordingly, the CMF will file charges against any responsible parties before the Public Prosecutor's Office for alleged fraud.

The identified entities are:

  • Corbanca (corbancacl dot com)
  • Cooperativa Crediservi Chile (crediservichile dot com)
  • Cooperativa Andina (coopeandinachile dot com)
  • CoopValparaiso (coopvalparaiso dot com)
  • Financiemos a Chile (financiamosachile dot com)
  • Oriencoop Financiera (oriencoopfinanciera dot com)
  • Grupo Financiero Alianza (grupofinancieroalianza dot com)
  • Multiasociados de Concepción (multiasociadosdeconcepcion dot com)

Additionally, the Commission does not supervise the nuevocapital dot info website.

The CMF clarifies to the public that it does not offer any insurance whatsoever, let alone a specific policy "against fraudulent purchases."

The Commission also reminds the public about the special alerts page for investors, policyholders, and banking customers available on its website. Interested parties can verify here:

  • Whether an entity or person offering financial products or services is supervised by the CMF.
  • Alerts issued by the CMF and other foreign regulators on unregulated entities or activities.
  • Other important advice for the protection of investors, policyholders, and financial clients.

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