CMF releases new statistical series on credit risk provisions for banks

The data is available on the Commission’s Temporary Series Statistical Database platform.

August 19, 2021.- The Financial Market Commission (CMF) makes available to the public a new temporary statistical series on credit risk provisions for banks. Said data is available for consultation via the Commission's Temporary Series Statistical Database (BEST, for its Spanish acronym) platform, and can be found under the "Risk and Performance," "Risk," "Banks," "Loans," "Credit Risk Provisions Index," and "By Portfolio, Classification Group, and Financial Institution" menus, as shown below.

Figure 1. How to access data on credit risk provisions for banks via the CMF's BEST platform.

Data on credit risk provisions includes details by portfolio, classification group, and financial institution, complementing the current statistical information available on banks for this topic. These new temporary series encompass the period between January 2011 and May 2021. Such information will be updated monthly on the last business day of the second fortnight of each month.

These new data series available on the BEST platform also show the modernization of the CMF's statistical disclosure approach, facilitating statistical and economic analysis of the figures disclosed (since indexes are presented in temporary series) and meeting the users' need for updated, timely, and regular information.


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