CMF reports on the performance of banks and cooperatives as of September 2019

Alongside the industry results, the Financial Market Commission (CMF) provides a summary of the system's performance to facilitate understanding of the provided statistics.

October 29, 2019.- Loans in September grew 8.74 percent in 12 months, above the 7.76 percent recorded in August, and higher than the 6.88 percent variation registered in September 2018. Compared to August 2019, both commercial and housing portfolios showed stronger growth.

Commercial loans rose by 7.24 percent; consumer loans by 16.13 percent; and housing loans by 8.08 percent.

Meanwhile, the index of loan-loss provisions reached 2.46 percent, the arrears ratio of 90 days or more was 1.90 percent, and the impaired portfolio ratio got 4.91 percent.

Profits for September reached 225,758 million Chilean pesos (USD 311 million), an increase of 3.71 percent compared to the previous month.

Supervised Cooperatives

Loans grew 5.02 percent in 12 months, up from 4.72 percent in August. The consumer portfolio increased 6.86 percent, and the housing portfolio rose by 0.34 percent.

In terms of credit risk, all three indices grew. The loan index reached 4.67 percent, the arrears ratio of 90 days or more 3.30 percent, and the impaired portfolio 7.43 percent.

Monthly profit fell by 1.28 percent, mainly due to a lower interest margin and a rise in support costs. Meanwhile, the cumulative result amounted to 61,004 million Chilean pesos, decreasing 4.44 percent compared to 12 months ago.

Performance Report

Alongside this month's financial information, the analysis published in the Performance Report includes a section that briefly explains the impact on banking revenues of a series of services provided by this industry and paid through commissions, either directly or through its subsidiaries.

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