The CMF opens social networks on Twitter and LinkedIn

September 5th, 2018.- The Commission for the Financial Market (CMF for its initials in Spanish) opened its new social networks on Twitter and LinkedIn this week, with the purpose of broadening the broadcasting channels of the CMF through these platforms.

The accounts opened yesterday on Twitter are @CMF_Educa, whose purpose is to spread financial educational contents for investors and policyholders in relation to the financial services and goods offered by entities overseen by the Commission.

Furthermore, the account @CMF_HEsenciales was created, which publishes the essential facts sent by the overseen entities to the CMF, whose focus is to contribute to the transparency, access, and symmetry of information for the investors, market agents, and general public.

As well as these new channels of information, the creation of the CMF account on LinkedIn will provide different important information related to the Commission.

Furthermore, at the end of the month, the institutional account of the CMF on Twitter will be opened,@CMFChile which will publish official information from the Commission.

The inauguration of these new broadcasting channels are considered as strategic objectives of the CMF focused on diminishing the information mismatch for decision-making processes, increasing market behavior standards, promoting effective risk management on behalf of the overseen parties, creating the conditions for greater financial inclusion, and strengthening institutional management.

We invite you to follow the new social network of the Commission which seeks to broaden the access that citizens have to information, and broadcasting channels and financial education from the CMF.

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