Information about public holiday on January 16th, 2018

January 12th, 2018- The Superintendence of Securities and Insurance (SVS for its initials in Spanish) reports that, in according with the provisions in Law No.21,065, published in the Official Journal on January 10th of the current year, next Tuesday 16th is declared as a holiday for the "Region Metropolitana" (RM). The Superintendence, which will be succeeded by the CMF also as of that date, reports the following:

  • Considering that the CMF offices are located in the city of Santiago, this entity will not operate next Tuesday, January 16th. Due to this, regarding the obligations of the delivery of information to the Commission, as well as the compliance of the directions given by this entity, whose period ends on Tuesday January 16th, this must be fulfilled by Wednesday 17th January at the latest.
  • Furthermore, Tuesday 16th, January, shall be understood as a non-business day for the purposes of the calculation of the periods regarding the obligations of the entities overseen by the Commission which shall be complied in the "Region Metropolitana" (RM), as well as the rights that could be practiced regarding these entities in the mentioned region.
  • Finally, it is expressly stated that the provisions in the current report exclusively refer to those subjects whose oversight is responsibility of the CMF.

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