The CMF launches online subscription system to access information of interest

June 15th, 2018. - The Financial Market Commission (CMF) reports that an online subscription system to access information of interest through the CMF website was launched today.

This initiative is part of the commitment to institutional transparency of the CMF and its interest for developing effective procedures to safeguard transparency and efficiency in markets and supervised entities, as well as contributing to a broad and timely delivery of public information which contributes to the analysis and decision-making of market agents, and financial education for investors, policyholders and the population in general.

The press releases Essential Facts, annual accountability, rulings, regulations in process, new regulations issued, sanctions, CMF presentations, Financial Education newsletter, Annual Statement, publications, among others are available in the information that will be available on this platform.

Those interested in receiving information of interest from the CMF periodically, should access the main page and go to “Subscription to news, publications and information of interest.”

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