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About the CMF


The Financial Market Commission (CMF) has as its main objectives to safeguard the proper functioning, development and stability of the financial market, facilitating the participation of market agents and promoting the care of public faith; as well as safeguarding that supervised persons or entities, from their initiation until the conclusion of their winding-up, comply with laws, regulations, statutes, and other provisions that regulate them.

About the CMF

The Financial Market Commission (CMF) is a decentralized public service, of a technical nature, endowed with legal public status and its own assets, which relates to the President of the Republic through the Ministry of Finance.

Historical Overview

The Financial Market Commission is the regulator and supervisor of the Chilean financial market, and supervises over 70% of the regulated financial assets in our country. We invite you to learn more about its history.


Capacities in which the CMF operates while carrying out its responsibilities.


Law N°21,000 establishes that the Board of the Financial Market Commission (hereinafter also the "Board") will be composed of five members, named commissioners, who will be appointed and will be subject to the following rules:

Supervised Entities

The Financial Market Commission supervises entities in securities, insurance markets, banks and financial institutions and other entities established by the Law.

Public Registries under the CMF Management

In consequence of the dictation of the already mentioned different legal instruments, which have granted attributions, powers, and duties to the CMF, it shall keep 21 public registries, as detailed in this section, with their respective legal reference.